Chastity Belt Benefits

The Chastity Belt’s Benefits for Teen Guys.

I’ve heard that studies have shown that the average teenage male thinks about sex every 6 seconds! Teen Guys have a big sex drive that they don’t have any good way to express. Below are some areas of temptation Chastity Belts might help.

No Masturbation. It’s almost where being a Teenage Guy = dealing with masturbation. That’s because of a teenagers massive sex drive and impulsivity.

No Pre-marital Sex. There’s no use going there and it’s a real encouragement not to get to close physically to a Girl and dishonoring her.

No Pornography. Addiction to porn is one of the biggest problems in our society today. Almost no one hasn’t seen it; but Christian young people are becoming heavily ensnared in it now. But let me state that porn has little to no appeal if you can’t have an erection.

In Conclusion.

How would you like to avoid your most difficult personal shortcoming? It doesn’t matter what it is, if you could just be done with it. That’s what a Chastity Belt can do for anyone who’s hardest (or a hard) struggle and area of temptation and sin is the sexual area. Which I believe the majority of Teen Guys would say is their single biggest area of temptation.

Freedom is possible and is hiding in perhaps the most likely place of all. Imagine the prisoners telling us that the most freeing thing is going to prison; that is, in fact, what many do say. Prison provides them a catalyst for getting their lives in order. So, I ask again why not Chastity Belts?

The Chastity Belt’s Benefits for Teen Girls.

No Masturbation. Masturbation among Teen Girls is quite common according to studies, though not so common as for Guys. In recent times Girls have become more sexually active and aggressive and many also deal with the same guilt as Guys do that surrounds masturbation.

No Pornography. Because she can’t masturbate; pornography will frustrate her. Porn among women in general is becoming considered almost normal today; studies state that 1 in 3 porn users are female.

No Premarital Sex. This is also a problem among Teen Girls. They are often willing to have sex with a Guy for the reason of saving the relationship. Since that decision is on the spur of the moment it will be regretted later. But anyway, just because they’re Girls doesn’t mean that they don’t have sex drives and want to have sex too.

No Rape. They also prevent rape. Rape is an increasing problem, and Chastity Belts are an effective way to deal with it. I personally don’t think much of wearing a Chastity Belt just to prevent rape, unless you live in a big city or somewhere with violent crime, but it is definitely a benefit not to have to worry about that.

Disadvantages that don’t affect Teen Guys.

Convenience. Because Chastity Belts for Girls are actually belts they are, or can be, a lot more inconvenient, compared to Chastity Cages, which needn’t affect one’s life too much.

Cost. Again because for Girls they have to be actual belts this requires someone to custom make it, and so they can cost a lot more than a Guy’s device, where one size can fit most teenagers and men.

In Conclusion.

In my analysis I don’t think that the cost and inconvenience outweigh the benefits, if the teen girl has the same situation as a teen guy does. If she also faces porn or masturbation addiction then she shouldn’t be fighting against it with her all, and her parent and those who care about her should help her.

It would be easy to be stuck on how easy it is for guys to get a chastity device; but being a Godly Woman is God’s plan for you, fight and don’t grow faint.  You should be fighting the ability of temptation to have power over you, at all costs.

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        What fire?

        I’m sure that you can see that I’m not being rude or profane in my response, because I can’t take this too seriously. This person thinks they can win an argument that doesn’t exist.
        I’m not arguing about anything. I’m just presenting my point of view in a public way.

        But when you think about it, dying in a fire isn’t necessarily the worst way you could go…

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      You have a right to your opinion. I accept that.
      Nothing I have written in any way endorses any form of child abuse.

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